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Agate found near Horni Halze, Tzech Rep.

Favorite Links.
http://www.agates.de Microcrystalline quartz mineralizations (agates) located in the marginal facies of rhyolitic Rotliegend-volcanic rocks from the Thuringian Forest/Germany.

http://www.bodemschat.nl De Bodemschat.
http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/rockhoundsunlimited Yahoo! Clubs rockhoundsunlimited; the no.1 rockhoundclub on Yahoo.
http://agate-links.freeservers.com/about.html More links...

More Favorite Sites.
Bjorn Tollefsen's "The Mineral Web". Bjorn Tollefsen's "The Mineral Web".
http://www.fairburns.com/ Fairburn Agates.
http://www.orerockon.com/ The Home Page of Tim Fisher, Ore-Rock-On, and Pacific Fishery Biologists.
http://www.rockhounds.com/rockshop/linklist.html Bob's Rock Shop Link List.
http://agateswithinclusions.com/ Agate Inclusions Sagenite and Plume.
http://www.rahul.net/infodyn/rockhounds/rockhounds.html Rockhounds Information Page.
http://www.geosearchengine.com/ GeoSearch engine, Geology and products of Search engine.
http://nav.webring.yahoo.com/hub?ring=carhwr&list Rockhounds Webring.
http://www.minerant.org This is the home-page of the Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, Belgium. We bring information relevant to mineral collectors, with lots of links to other mineralogy or earth science related sites.